Township Office
   33 Muddy Creek Forks Rd
   Brogue, PA 17309

   Phone:  717-927-6401

   Fax : 717-927-8402   




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 Board of Supervisors  
Chairman: Kent Heffner
Vice-Chairman: Bradley Smith
Board Member: David R. Warner

 Zoning Officer


Jeffrey Koons 717-487-9575

 Roadmasters and Road Crew  


Kent E. Heffner
Road Crew: Allen Eveler
Robert Lyter
Scott McDermott
Ronald Miller
Brian Olewiler
Maintenance Bldg. 717-927-9281

 Office Staff  
Secretary/Treasurer: Tonya Jackson
Timothy Bupp with CGA Law Firm
Grant Anderson with Site Design Concepts

 Tax Collector  
Sharon Wolfe 717-968-4580
  11775 Hively Rd.
Brogue, PA  17309

 Planning Commission  
Chairman: John Shanbarger  
Vice-Chairman: Bruce Miller  
  Mark Bupp  
  Ralph Daugherty  
  Thomas Gizzi Sr.  
  Marla Kay Allen  
  Trent Young  

 Zoning Hearing Board  
Chairman: David Hopkins
  Mark Frey
  David J. Hively
  Daniel Shaw (Alternate)

 Recreation Board  
President: Mark Shaull
Vice-President: Kelso Haugh
Secretary: Leah Geesey
  Kent Heffner
  Jason Tyson
  Ronald Miller

The Recreation Board maintains the recreation areas at Brogue, New Bridgeville, and Chanceford Crossings. These areas are open for public use, as well as Youth Softball and Baseball Programs.