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   33 Muddy Creek Forks Rd
   Brogue, PA 17309

   Phone:  717-927-6401

   Fax : 717-927-8402


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April 20, 2018



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Welcome to
Chanceford Township
Chanceford Township is located in York County bordered by Windsor Twp and Lower Windsor Twp on the north, North Hopewell Twp and East Hopewell Twp on the west, Lower Chanceford Twp on the south and the Susquehanna River on the east.

Comprehensive Plan

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Information about the Township

Special Items of Interest

Met-Ed prepare for frigid temperatures


Septic Tank Pumping Information

Residents of the Fifth District (2018) Please have your septic pumped out by December 2018. Notice will be sent out January 2018.

On-Lot Subsurface Sewage Disposal
Facilities Ordinance

District Map

Township Soils Map

Susquehanna Senior Center


Special Announcements

Sharon H. Wolfe won the election and is the new tax collector. Attached is a flyer noting her office hours.

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Kent Heffner, Chanceford Township, receives award for Environmentally Sensitive Road Maintenance

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Chanceford Area Showcase of Businesses and Organizations located in Chanceford Township and Felton Borough

Showcase video

There will be an Electronics Recycling day for Township residents April 7.

Chanceford Township has an opening for a recreation board member.  Please contact the office if you are interested.


This is not the Lower Chanceford Township website.  They currently do not have a website but you may contact them
by phone: 717-862-3589
by fax: 717-862-3227
by email:


Every Monday from 7:30-9:30 p.m. : Volleyball at Clearview Elementary School for 18+. A small donation to alleviate the costs of the building is appreciated. (usually 2 dollars every Monday).

Need someone to talk to? Need resources?

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Dial: 1 (800) 932- 4616 or 211.

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