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   33 Muddy Creek Forks Rd
   Brogue, PA 17309

   Phone:  717-927-6401

   Fax : 717-927-8402




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Emergency Management


Residents are responsible for maintaining private lanes, roads and drives at all times throughout the year. This includes any grading, stoning, blacktopping (if applicable), snow removal and damage occurring from various weather conditions. It is important that these accesses remain in good condition so that in the event of an emergency, Ambulance, Fire and Police can gain access to provide assistance. It is important to remember that some home owner's insurance companies will consider the access conditions when quoting and offering insurance to your property.

Emergency responders are not responsible when accesses or are poorly maintained. Delays due to access conditions may result in additional property damage from fire, delayed response from police or even death when emergency medical services can not make quick access.

Below you will find some suggested guidelines for maintenance of private drives, lanes and roads.

a) Keep all accesses cleared to a width of 10 Feet, this is a suggested drive lane width

b) Keep all trees and brush cleared outside the ten foot width

c) Have the surface of the travel path smooth, and free of ruts if the surface is not paved

d) Stoning the surface is suggested to avoid muddy conditions during rain storms

e) Clear all overhead trees, branches and other obstacles to a height of 14 feet from the travel surface to permit fire, ambulance and utility vehicles entry as if needed.

f) Remove all snow, ice and other storm related debris as quickly as possible after the weather occurrence. A good rule of thumb is, if a two wheel drive vehicle can not gain access, chances are emergency services will be unable to gain access.

g) If you have additional questions please contact the Chanceford Township Office or the Emergency Management Coordinator.

Emergency Services

Southern York EMS

Address:  51 Muddy Creek Forks Road, Brogue, PA 17309

Phone;  717-673-0792.

New Bridgeville Fire Company
Fire Line Officers  
Chief: Ronald Witmer
Deputy: Terry Snelbaker.
Assistant Chief: Daryl Miller
Captain: Ken Arnold
1st Lieutenant: Jake Smith
2nd Lieutenant: Ryan Shaull
Fire Police Captain: David McCoy
Lt. 1 Fire Police: Rick Richardson
Lt. 2 Fire Police Charlie Kreeger
Executive Officers  
President: Terry Snelbaker
Vice-President: Larry Miller
Secretary: Vickie Kline
Treasurer: Barry Kline
Chaplain: Kim Cartwright
Keith Neff Jake Smith Ken Arnold Larry Miller
Charla Snelbaker Jasper Tyson (Daryl Miller) Danny Mac Waltemyer
Ryan Collins Dustin Miller    

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. The public is welcome to attend.

2870 Furnace Road
Red Lion, PA 17356
Fax # 717-927-1811

New Bridgeville Fire Co. has a Rescue-Pumper, an Engine, a Brush Truck, and a Tanker. They have between 20 and 25 active members.

Ladies Auxiliary

     The Ladies Auxiliary consists of ladies and gentlemen who support the fire company by serving banquets and holding dinners throughout the year to raise money.
The Auxiliary also supports the fire fighters by supplying them with food and drink whenever they are on a lot of emergency calls due to bad weather, or if they are at a structure fire for an extended period of time. This support is extended day or night to the fire fighters.
     If you would like to volunteer your time, or join the Auxiliary call Jean Robinson at 927-6623, or attend a meeting. Meetings are held the first Monday of each month.
To rent the fire hall contact Keith Neff at 927-9018. If you would like to have the Auxiliary serve a banquet contact Jane Neff at 927-9018.

Auxiliary Officers  
President: Vicki Kline
Vice-president: Doris Snyder
Secretary: Donna Martin
Treasurer: Jean Robinson
Chaplain: Linda Stern
Chaplain: Cynthia Jamison

Felton Fire Company

Felton Fire Company was chartered in 1929. They are a volunteer fire company that serves the borough of Felton as well as the portions of the townships of Windsor, North Hopewell, and Chanceford that surround the borough of Felton. They presently have twenty active volunteer firefighters and fire police, plus six active Jr. Firefighters. They have an active auxiliary that supports them with refreshments at emergency scenes, and handles the kitchen at the Saturday night bingo games and other fundraising events.

Line Officers for 2018 Executive Officers for 2018
Chief 43 - Scott Gingrich President Joe Sabold
Deputy Chief Chad Arnold Vice President Derek Eveler
Chief 43-1 Sherry Arnold Secretary Tiffany Beckette
Capt. 43 Corey Robertson     Assist.  - Drew Welsh
Lieut. 43 Tyler Burkins Treasurer Lori Allen
Chaplin - Brandon Testerman Asst. Treasurer Dick Sterner
Chief Engineer - Larry Yeakel (Driver) Trustees - Larry Yeakel
Assistants - Joe Russel (Firefighter)               - Dick Sterner
                 - Zachary Yeakel (Driver)               - Emery Schnetzka
                 - Joe Sabold (Driver)  

Felton Volunteer Fire Company
P.O. Box 132
61 Main Street
Felton, PA 17322
Fax # 717-246-3652


Relief Association Officers  
President: Tyler Burkins
Vice-President: Derek Eveler
Secretary: Lynzie Werta
Treasurer: Lori Allen